For Every Uphill…


…there’s a downhill.

That phrase runs around my head on a regular basis as I push along the road on my bike.
It’s true though, there are a lot of bicycle-based metaphors for life but few more accurate than this one.

Think about it for a minute.

In life there are days when everything seems on the level and you are coasting along quite nicely, thank you, but there are days when it seems like a real uphill struggle. However, as you climb it is worth reminding yourself that there will be a point where it tops out and there will be a downhill to follow, where all the exertions, all the aches and pains, disappear in a moment as you fly. The air rushes quickly around your face, refreshing you instantly. You feel like you are speeding through the air almost on wings, you feel free.

The key is to harness some of that feeling, some of that energy and use it when the next uphill comes along.

The reward won’t come without the hard work you put in.